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Our 80-plus years of experience can turn ordinary into amazing. Improvements can be an uphill climb. We’re here for you. Our team of business environment professionals will be by your side every step of the way to make sure every fit is the best one possible.


Our WORKspaces Designers are like wise furniture application wizards, effortlessly bringing your workspace vision to life. We build to suit and suit your needs. We’ll make your space fit like it was made for you. Oh, wait… it will be made for you, just like a custom suit.

We Offer

  • Programming
  • Inventory and Field Measurements Space Planning
  • Adjacency Studies
  • Reconfigures
  • Block Plans
  • Standards Analysis
  • Finish Selections
  • Budget Estimates
  • Code/ADA Compliance
  • Specifying
  • Art and Accessory Selection
  • And more… Contact us

To maximize your investment and to achieve the flexibility that you expected when you purchased your furniture, WORKspaces will engage our creative talents to utilize your product to fit your new criteria. Whether you purchased your product from us and need a few changes, are growing and need to fit more people into your existing space, are moving to a new building and want to bring your furniture along, or need to work with product you inherited, we are here to help.

Project Management

WORKspaces unique approach to the implementation phase of your furniture purchases will make your project run smoothly and efficiently. Every project has specific business drivers and needs; therefore, project management is more of an art than a science. WORKspaces recognizes this and we treat each project accordingly to provide the best fit.

For account relationships and/or more complex, long-term projects, we assign a Project Designer who will see your project through from the initial design phase to invoicing.

For projects where a Project Designer is not the best fit, we provide a field Project Manager to oversee our team to allow you a single person with which to interface during the implementation phase of your project. They will prepare a project timeline, interface with your project team, construction team and all other parties to ensure that all milestones are met and to guarantee a successful project completion.

In either case, you will know exactly who to call in our dealership to get an answer to your question, but we aim to answer them before you even ask. By engaging as an integral part of the up-front process in establishing the goals of your project, we can ensure the outcome will be achieved by both eliminating the “hand off” and maintaining complete accountability.

Our Project Managers offer these services:

  • Project Timelines
  • Trade Coordination
  • Order Phasing
  • Project Updates
  • Order Tracking
  • Delivery Coordination
  • Field Checks
  • Construction Progress Checks
  • Installation Supervision
  • Punch List Resolution, Ordering and Final Installation
Installation & Delivery

To provide the right fit for your installation needs, our installation partners have extensive experience installing the new furniture you purchase from WORKspaces. Our installation and service strategy provides a healthy level of competition that motivates our partners to continually improve their service delivery for each project. WORKspaces always retains complete responsibility for your satisfaction no matter which company is the best fit.


WORKspaces works hard to align you with manufacturers who support their products in a manner you would expect for your investment. While Herman Miller offers a 12 year parts and labor warranty, you may also be purchasing product from a list of over 150 other manufacturers we support. We aim to help you select product which lasts, but should something break, our Customer Service department will field your request, order the appropriate parts, and coordinate the repair.


Our installation partners offer significant warehousing capability and a full range of asset management services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and help you determine the right fit.


WORKspaces understands that financing options are an important aspect of your project; so we have partnered with Paramount Financial to offer financing options. To get started please click the banner below.

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